Kunsthal Aarhus offers guided tours, workshops and learning activities in connection with our current exhibitions. Our learning activities are primarily intended for children from the age of ten as well as sixth form students. We organize the form and content of the learning activities in co-operation with you and your school. In order to secure the best possible learning outcome, we recommend that the students have been presented for the relevant themes and concepts, before they come to visit us.

Kunsthal Aarhus presents contemporary art, which explores and debates our everyday life, societal conditions as well as social and cultural connections in a global perspective. Kunsthal Aarhus creates innovative exhibition concepts where we focus on involving and experimenting art. Our guided tours, workshops and learning activities may support and put into perspective the learning outcome of the students in the following school subjects: Social Studies, History, Danish, Psychology and Visual Art.

Kunsthal Aarhus supports the notion that contemporary art should not only be looked at but also experienced, challenged and debated. We commit ourselves as collaborators in Open School and offer open spaces and intimate settings for the students to engage in active participation through dialogues, reflection, immersion and learning processes. The students will obtain experiences with critical analyses, interpretations and dialogues about contemporary art in a broad context.

Contact: exhibitions@kunsthal.dk

Kunsthal Aarhus offers free guided tours in our exhibitions:
Wednesdays from 5.30pm to 6.00pm (starts again 15 August)